Siesta Key

While Siesta Key is internationally known for its talc-white beaches, drawing over 2.2 million visitors every year, for the more than 6,000 people that reside there, they simply know it as “home.” With beautiful single-family homes, ranging from bungalows and cottages to mansions and high-rises, Siesta Key offers the best in waterfront living, not only for its world renown beaches, but also its lagoons, canals, and bayside views. Although Siesta Key has found some notoriety from the MTV television show named after it with a cast of twenty-somethings, with an actual median resident age of 62.8 years old, life on this beautiful island is actually quite different than what some may have seen on TV.

Stretching 8 miles from north to south, Siesta Key is comprised of 4 distinct areas encompassing less than 3 square miles of prime Florida property. Most well known for Siesta Beach and the beach houses and condominiums that adorn it, Siesta Key also offers a vibrant nightlife and great shopping in Siesta Key Village, the exclusive and luxurious homes of Crescent Beach, and the privacy and reserves of Turtle Beach.

The barrier island was known as Sarasota Key, Little Sarasota Island, and Clam Island before the start of the 20th century. In 1906, Siesta Key drew a number of the Hollywood elites and well known artists to visit its first hotel, Siesta Inn. Before the first bridge was built in 1917, guests used to take a 20 minute ferry ride from Downtown Sarasota to spend time by these beautiful beaches.

While many locals love Turtle Beach, located at the southern point of the island, for its kayak launches, seashells, and quiet beach strolls, Siesta Key is most well known for its namesake beach. Unlike most beaches, where sand is comprised of crushed shells, rocks, and lava, Siesta Beach has sands made of 99% quartz crystal, believed to have been delivered from the Appalachians through the gulf stream. Sarasota County purchased the peculiar property in 1954 to preserve it as a public beach, the pavillion was dedicated in 1960, and the parking lots, playgrounds, and facilities have all been recently renovated. Siesta Beach has since been noted as having “the whitest and finest sand in the world” in The Great International Beach Challenge in 1987, and named as “the Best Sand Beach in America” by The Travel Channel in 2004, the #1 Beach by TripAdvisor in 2015, and “The Best Beach in America” by Dr. Beach in 2011 and 2017.

Starting with only three developed canals and adding a second bridge at Stickney Point in 1927, Siesta Key became home to a number of artists, business leaders, and others who sought out life in paradise. Since then, more canals have been dredged to give more residents access to waterfront property, and blossomed with an assortment of restaurants, shops, and other local establishments that contribute to Siesta Key’s unique vibe. For those who appreciate the original Old Florida homes, maintained from when the island was first platted, or those looking for some of the finest condominiums with the best views in Florida, Siesta Key offers a little something for anyone longing to embrace the island lifestyle.

If you’re looking for beautiful beaches, great food and shopping, an active nightlife, and plenty of watersports, let’s find your new home on Siesta Key today.